Posted by: Rae | October 11, 2007

Uh, oh. Tables on the sidewalk …

Today our zoning commissioner called to tell me she had received a complaint from a “persistent” person about the fact that I have tables and chairs on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant. Each morning (well, most mornings) our tables start out against the building, with chairs running parallel to the building, leaving a good 4 feet of sidewalk clear for pedestrians, not that there are any to speak of. During the day, customers move the tables and chairs, park their dogs, strollers, and bicycles every which way, and generally make themselves at home, so that by day’s end those 4 feet have become 2.

The city has contributed to the problem by wrapping corn stalks, donated by a local farmer named DeKorn (really) around all of the street-side trees, further reducing the amount of clear space. It looks great, and the stalks, which still have corn attached, are feeding a variety of critters — blue jays and a very wet squirrel today — providing hours of entertainment for our diners.

I promised that I would move our tables and chairs closer to the building and our zoning commissioner said “that’s good enough for me.” Small towns, don’t you love them? I doubt I’ve heard the last of this, of course, but it is the end of the summer, about time to store the tables for the winter, so I’m confident I can dodge this one until next spring. Then we start a new game.


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