Posted by: Rae | April 8, 2008

Dogs in the Park

If you’ve ever been to Charlevoix, you know that it’s generally a pet-friendly place.  Like many businesses, the Alcove Cafe welcomes people to sit outside with their pets, usually dogs, and we have water dishes for them.   Hal Evans, our Harbormaster, greets pet owners who arrive by boat with treats, water, little doggie-waste scoopers, and a quick summary of the city’s rules.  Dogs have always been welcome in the harbormaster’s building. 

This happy co-mingling of people and dogs has been relatively uneventful.  No one can remember a case of dog bite in our downtown parks, although there was one case of children approaching a dog tied to a picnic bench being frightened when the dog barked at them.  And of course the dogs sometimes bark and carry on when a new dog shows up.  You know, the dog greeting thing.


no dogUnfortunately certain members of our City Council have decided that dogs present a risk, and have proposed that we ban dogs for the entire summer, from East Park, our harbor-side park currently under renovation. 



Sanity, please!  Why fix a problem that doesn’t exist?  And in the process, give up one of the things that makes Charlevoix such a wonderful place?  Let’s replace the sign above with a one that better represents our community.



  1. Are there not problems enough in the world without inventing new and unnecessary ones? What about our tourists with dogs? Are we going to chase them ot of the parks? I don’t think so! Dollars are too dear for that. Besides, who will do the chasing? Or, is the rule for the locals only? I for one won’t visit our lovely new park with such an unfriendly ordinance on the books.

  2. I’d be willing to bet that 99.9% of the dogs in parks or any other public area are the owners of loving, responsible humans…the other 00.1% were just smarter than their humans and decided to take a stroll in our beautiful, up north town. We should be more concerned with all the pollution (noise, smoke, and other) that is occurring around our town. If shop owners, and the harbor master, can make dogs and their owners feel welcome, why can’t our city parks??? It’s a no brainer people.

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