Posted by: Rae | April 8, 2008


We have espresso drinks.  Here’s our espresso machine, and we’d appreciate it if you’d help us name him.  Right now we’re going with “Roger,” mostly to motivate people to come up with something better.


Yesterday a lovely couple came in to the restaurant.  They used to own a bed and breakfast in a big Victorian home at the top of the hill, but sold it last year to a physician from downstate.  Anyway, they have many years of experience in the hospitality business, and they’re regular customers.  I’ll call them Mr. & Mrs. H., for “hospitality.”  Mrs. H. asked for a cappuccino, dry, lots of foam, and told the server, “Raechel will know how to do it.” 

Here’s the thing: if I don’t know something, I generally ask myself “how hard can it be?” and charge forward as though I know.  As you can imagine, this has resulted in many great adventures and a few disasters, but it’s never boring. 

So we made the espresso, and then started working on the foam.  Lots of foam.  The server wasn’t accustomed to this, so it took some time, and the espresso had cooled down a bit by the time the foam was put in the cup.  Mrs. H. then advised the server that the foam must be made first, and then the espresso, and asked us to heat up the cup, which we did (gasp! Don’t read this, Italian friends!) in the microwave.  That made the foam get even bigger, which was fun to watch.  Then Mr. H. laughed and said they’d been giving this lesson all over town.

OK, you’re saying, why the heck would I go to this bunch of yahoos for an espresso drink?  Three reasons:   Our coffee is really, really good.  We’re getting better every day.  And you can teach us a thing or two, and who doesn’t like that?


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