Posted by: Rae | May 6, 2008

Restaurant Comedy

Well, it’s been a funny week. Our new chef started. Aaron just finished his second year at Grand Valley State U., where he’s studying hospitality management with a specialization in food.  He’s doing a great job, and although he has some learning to do in the cooking department, he seems to be fanatical about cleanliness which is making me a very happy boss. On Thursday he was hurrying to grab something from the wire shelves and managed to dump a full container of our dried fruit and nut mix on the floor. (Trash, of course. There’s no 2-second rule in a restaurant. Or shouldn’t be, anyway.) Then I was pouring soup I’d just made into a storage container to cool and dumped half of it on the white cutting board of our sandwich unit. Which means it all runs under the white board, then down into the under-counter refrigerators …

Well, all of that is funny, but not that unusual. So here are a couple I would never have predicted.

I sent Ace to the bank to get some change (small town, remember — it’s down the block, around the corner, and he was looking for a reason to go outside in the beautiful weather), one roll of quarters and two pennies. He brought them back and handed them to Taylor, who was serving. She opened one roll of pennies and the quarters, and then instead of putting the remaining roll of pennies in the section of the cash drawer where we put rolls of coins, she for some unknown reason put them under the cash drawer.  How is that even possible?  Anyway, she shut the drawer, but when it was supposed to pop open when she rang up the next order, it opened about 1/4 inch, and then stuck.  For the next 20 minutes we wrestled with the drawer, and Aaron ended up disassembling it, removing the lock assembly and everything else.  With the help of my handy-dandy Leatherman tool, he shifted the roll of pennies far enough so he could grab it, and then we spent another 10 minutes putting everything back together.  Taylor was so flustered she fell asleep, head down on a table.  ????

The next day (Sunday), Alyssa was pulling a brand-new, just-baked breakfast tart out of the refrigerator unit we have in the serving area.  Somehow it “jumped” out of her hand, but she managed to catch it before it hit the floor.  The platter went down with a big crash.  We sold all 8 pieces of the tart in the next two hours, so it’s a good thing she caught it.  

And then on Monday, Lisa, Alyssa’s mother, was working.  Someone ordered a glass of our wonderful sparkling cherry juice, bottled like champagne and produced in Michigan.  So she pulled the bottle out of the refrigerator and then asked me to remove the top, because she hates doing that.  I was doing my know-it-all thing, and told her to use a clean towel so the stopper wouldn’t pop and fly across the room etc.  Then I got the towel and started pushing around the edges of the stopper only to find it was a fake, covering a screw top.  I felt like a fool.  We laughed so hard Lisa started choking (she has allergies this time of year).

The restaurant is so small our customers get to witness events like these.  Luckily they are good-humored about it.  Maybe we should begin billing ourselves as an improvisational comedy club.   



  1. Nice writing style. I will come back to read more posts from you.

    Susan Kishner

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