Posted by: Rae | May 8, 2008

Good place to meet an old boyfriend for lunch!

“Sally” left a comment the other day on my Staff page.  It was simply this:  “Good place to meet an old boyfriend for lunch!”  I’m curious.  I’m intrigued.   And I’m wondering …

Did “Sally” actually meet an old boyfriend here?  She was writing from Philadelphia (Internet magic – don’t ask).  Was she in Charlevoix recently?  And of course, if you’re meeting him for lunch, is he really an “old” boyfriend?  Is there any such thing as an old boyfriend, or are all boyfriend connections real, live, and forever? 

Is Sally sending a subtle message to an old boyfriend?  Maybe they periodically Google “old boyfriend for lunch” to find out where their next meeting place is — same time next year, Neil Simon and all that.  

My favorite story has an old boyfriend of mine posing as “Sally” and letting me know he’s going to pay me a visit.  No old boyfriends in Philadelphia, though.  If any old boyfriends are going to meet me, I need to lose a few pounds, quick.  And get my hair done.  So give me some notice, will you?

Maybe “Sally” visits random blogs and leaves inscrutable messages to provoke speculation.  Just for the fun of it.

Well, Sally?  What’s your story?  We are all wondering how that lunch turned out.



  1. Well….I must admit that you are close on one of your speculations. I am not a female and I am not in Philadelphia.
    It definitely would be a good place to meet an old boyfriend for lunch but that has not yet happened

  2. OK, “Sally,” I don’t know where you are (you seem to be in multiple locations). I think you’re at Bank of America. Or you’re a hacker riding the BOA network, and you’re doing this to give me a bit of fun. Or one of my old Internet Security buds.

    As for brig boat, I’m wondering whether you’re referring to a ship like HMS Beagle, or to a cell. Hmmm… odd e-mail address.

    Anyway, come back and visit anytime. I like being puzzled. And you’re right — the restaurant is a great place to meet people. Small enough that conversations sometimes span tables and involve entire rooms. Not exactly romantic, but fun. Food’s great, too.

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