Aha.  Want to leave a comment?  Glad you asked.  Go back to the page you want to talk about.  Go to the bottom of the page.  Click the word “comments.”  A place for you to leave your comment will be at the bottom of the page.  You’ll have to leave us a name (first name is fine) and email address (to weed out the spammers).  Your comment will be seen by anyone who visits the website. 

And that is why we made this a blogsite rather than the usual business website.  We want to hear from you — what you like and don’t like, suggestions, comments, opinions about food (dogs, Charlevoix, etc.) in general. 



  1. We had our rehearsal dinner at Alcove Cafe in October of 2007. It was fantastic. It was originally set up buffet style in two separate rooms, but I wanted a more intimate feel. So we moved everyone, amazingly, into one room! we passed the food around family style and it worked great! The food and service was FANTASTIC. I could not have asked for a better time or place. My mother in law picked a wonderful place! Thank you!!

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