Nearby Businesses

Park Avenue has several great businesses you should visit while you’re here. 

Pine River Books    Why spend a fortune for your next beach book?  Recycle!  Browse through this bookstore, on several floors of a big old house at 104 Park, across the street from the Alcove Cafe.  (231) 237-9298

Panache   A new salon that’s a cut above the rest, with an owner-operator who trained at Sassoon.  Order your latte or capuccino from the Alcove, and take it in with you.  Next door, at 101 Park.

Simonsen Bakery and Cafe  New name, new location for the former Truffles Patisserie.  Stop in and say hello to Jimmy.  At the corner of Park Avenue and Bridge Street, 115 Bridge St.

The Treasure Chest    A unique gift shop, packed to the gills with interesting souvenirs for every age group and items for your cottage or home.



  1. Wondering if you have any interest in hosting my wedding party for my rehersal dinner on May 15th 2009?! Wondering how many people you can accomidate and what your average price per plate cost. Thank you for your time. I really look forward to hearing from you!
    Andrea Lane

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