Yes, we do carryout.  Here’s Audra’s standard (she walks in, I pull the salmon out and start cooking it):

This is our most popular bowl special, so popular we just have it all the time.  Salmon (or tuna or chicken) with Mediterranean couscous and a side of fresh greens with balsamic vinaigrette.  And bread (we used to do baguette, but our breads from Crooked Tree Breadworks have been our more popular replacement. 

Yes, those containers (except for the dressing cup) are paper, and recyclable. 


We have two dishes that take a little longer to make for carryout.  Our mac & cheese and French toast are baked.  At the restaurant we kick-start them in the microwave, then move them to the oven.  When we make them for carryout, they’re in foil containers.  That means we can’t use the microwave, so they start cold in the oven, and take a little longer to bake.  Please recycle your foil containers! 

OK, I know you’re wondering about the microwave kick-start.  There are a couple of things we start in the microwave, just to make sure they get cooked all the way through in the oven.  We want to start baking the food at lukewarm temperature so it doesn’t burn on the top before the middle is done, but of course it has to be stored cold.  So we bridge the gap with the microwave.   It’s difficult to do this just right — we’ve served a few mac and cheeses with nice bubbling tops, but cold centers.  Oops.  We use the stab thermometer now.


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