Espresso & Teas

We make mochas, capuccinos, lattes, Americanos, and more.  We don’t have flavored syrups (no space).

Other drinks?  Lots of teas by the pot from Republic of Tea.  White, black, green, red, and herb teas.  Caffeinated and naturally caffeine-free.  We make chai latte, and iced chai.  Brewed iced tea.  Bottled iced teas from Republic of Tea.  So many teas we have a tea menu.

Hot chocolate, of course.  We whip up our own “mix” from cocoa, powdered sugar, & vanilla bean.  We steam the milk — whichever type you want — and mix it up to order.  Whipped cream?  Sure!

We have cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla bean powdered sugar, various sweeteners, honey, and more.  We have half & half, milk (various fat levels), and soya milk.

Of course we have regular brewed coffee.  Our is organic, fair trade, from Peru.  We grind the beans each time we brew a pot.  We have decaf, same great coffee, pre-ground.


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