New menu items

We have some great new menu items.

Authentic Italian sandwiches on fresh in-house baked ciabatta bread (the real thing).  Have it cold or pressed on the panini grill:

  • Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and egg
  • Ham and Swiss with lettuce and tomato (red onion if you want it)

Both sandwiches are served with fresh greens and our house balsamic vinaigrette OR our own tabouleh.

Tuna Tsunami 1

Tuna Tsunami — an open-faced sandwich that starts with grilled Italian white bread, spread with chunkee edamame puree, topped with sliced sushi-grade wild-caught tuna steak grilled rare, then sprinkled with spicy whole edamame and minced green herbs.  Served with a side of greens (pea shoots when we can get them).   This sandwich is served until we run out of tuna each day.

Eggplant Raechel — baked eggplant rolls stuffed with a creamy ricotta cheese mixture, with marinara sauce. Served with bread of choice and a side of greens.

Baked Goods

We’re baking up a storm these days.  Everything is made from scratch — no mixes, no cans.   What we have each day depends entirely upon how we feel when we bake.  Some days we experiment, some days we just want to make the stuff we’re used to.

Muffins — blueberry, cherry-almond, carrot, Mack’s eggnog, apple, …

Scones — apricot-date, white chocolate-dried cherry, blueberry, cranberry-orange…

Cobblers — apple, blueberry, rhubarb-strawberry, … served with whipped cream and more

Carrot Cake — good old fashioned kind made from real carrots, with lots of cinnamon and pecans, iced with real cream cheese icing

Cookies — chocolate chip shortbread,  Michelle’s shortbread, chocolate chip oatmeal


A type of omelet, a frittata is served flat (not rolled or folded), and the ingredients are mixed in with the eggs.  We have two kinds:

Western – shredded potatoes, red onion, red pepper, ham, and cheddar cheese.

Salmon – shredded potatoes, red onion, capers, and a generoud portion of smoked salmon from John Cross Fisheries.  Topped with dilled cream cheese.

Alcove Hash — We layer our roasted redskins, grilled mixed wild mushrooms, scallions, and bacon in a ramekin; sprinkle with fresh roasemary and parsley; bake until the flavors blend; and top with an egg fried to order.  Yum!

VegHead Panino – basil pesto, roasted red pepper, roasted tomatoes, grilled mushrooms (not canned!), caramelized shallot, grilled red onion, and fresh mozzarella cheese on the bread of your choice.  It’s delectable.


Bianca – We start by spreading lots of extra-virgin olive oil on our hand-thrown crust.  Then we sprinkle just a touch of Kosher salt on it.  Add fresh rosemary, fresh mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan.  This is a classic Italian pizza, simple but delicious.

Barcelona – Just like the Bianca, only we add a scattering of shredded prosciutto ham, and then a whole egg.  The egg cooks on top of the pizza.  Another Italian classic.

Mojo – invented by our friend Rob.  Pesto and roasted tomato marinara sauces, lots of cubed roasted chicken breast, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, and fresh jalapeno peppers.  Just enough bite to be interesting.

Scampi – lots of garlic sauteed in olive oil, a few roasted tomato pieces, real shrimp we shell just before we saute it for the pizza, fresh torn basil, mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, and fresh aspragus if you want it.


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