Taste the Local Difference

We buy locally whenever we can.  That means we patronize local farms, directly, through distributors such as Cherry Capital Foods, or by visiting local farmers markets.  To find out more about purchasing locally, visit Taste the Local Difference at http://www.localdifference.org.

Why should we buy locally?  Well, first to save on the energy costs involved in transporting foods over long distances.  Second, because when you buy locally, your food is fresher.  Third, it tastes better!  If the farmer knows you’re going to be eating his tomatoes within a couple of days of picking, he can plant varieties that taste good and are good for you, rather than ones that hold up well in transport (the real reason your tomatoes are so woody).  And finally, it’s a good thing to support local businesses.  It’s good economics, and it’s good future planning.


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